The Whimsical World of

Pocket Dragons & Friends

Pocket Dragon Figurines

Pocket Dragons Released in 1989


June 1989

       A Good Egg


       Baby Brother


       Do I Have To?

       Drowsy Dragon

       Flowers For You

       Gargoyle Hoping For Raspberry Teacakes

       Look At Me

       New Bunny Shoes

       No Ugly Monsters Allowed

       Opera Gargoyle

       Pink 'n' Pretty

       Putting Me On The Tree

Annual Christmas Edition 1989/90


       Sea Dragon

       Sir Nigel

       Stalking The Cookie Jar

       Storytime At The Wizard's House

Limited Edition of 3,000

       Teddy Magic

       The Gallant Defender

       The Pocket Minstrel

       Toady Goldtrayler


       What Cookie?

       Wizardry For Fun & Profit

Limited Edition of 3,000

       Your Paint Is Stirred



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