Miss Jane Roberta Packer                                                                                                                               

DoB: 10/09/65                                                                                                                                                        

Full Clean UK Driving License                                                                                                                             



O   Levels       Grade A       Chemistry, Physics; Biology; Maths; Human Biology

O   Levels       Grade B       English Lang.; History; Geography; French

A/O Levels      Grade B       Additional Maths; Electronics

A   Levels       Grade B       Biology; Physics

A   Levels       Grade C       Chemistry

ICS BASIC Programming Diploma

ICS Book-keeping & Accounts Diploma

ICS PASCAL Programming Diploma

ICS PC Repair Diploma

Open University     Diploma in Earth Sciences (Completed 1999)

                              Diploma in Natural Sciences (In Progress)

                              BSc in Natural Sciences (in progress)

·         S102 Science Foundation (Distinction) (1995)

·         S236 Geology, S267 How The Earth Works: The Earth’s Interior (Grade 2) (1996)

·         S281 Astronomy & Planetary Science & ST291 Images & Information (Grade 2) (1997)

·         S271 Discovering Physics & S269 Earth & Life (Grade 2) (1998)

·         S330 Oceanography & S339 Understanding the Continents (Grade 2 & 3) (1999)

·         S365 Evolution (Grade 3) (2000)

·         S369 The Geological Record of Environmental Change (current) – final course

Certified Novell Administrator (NetWare 3.12)

Certified Novell Engineer (NetWare 3.1x)

Certified Novell Engineer (NetWare 4.1)

Certified Novell Engineer (IntranetWare)

Certified Novell Engineer (NetWare 5.0)

Master Certified Novell Engineer – IntranetWare & Windows NT Integration

MCP Windows NT 4.0 Server


MCP TCP/IP 3.51 & 4.0

MCP IIS 3.0 & Index Server

MCP Exchange Server 5.0

MCP Proxy Server 1.0

MCP Site Server 3.0


MCSE with Internet

MCSE Win2000 (in progress)

All 4 core Win2k MCPs


Compaq Accredited Systems Engineer – Windows NT

Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) – WinFrame 1.7

Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) – MetaFrame 1.8

Citrix Certified Administrator (CCA) – MetaFrame XP 1.0

Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator (CCEA) – RMS, IMS, SecureICA, LB, NFuse



Manor House School, Bookham, Sy            Sep 75 - Jun 81                9 O levels & 1 A/O level

Rosebery School, Epsom, Sy                     Sep 81 - Jun 83                1 A/O level & 3 A levels

University of Southampton, Hants                Sep 83 - Jun 84                1st year of Geology Honours Degree

ICS                                                           Mar 90 to date                 Various Diploma courses inc Programming in C

Open University                                          Feb 95 to date                 B.Sc. Hons Degree, & various Diploma courses



Reading and collecting books; Darts; Needlework; Squash; Chess & backgammon; MENSA member; Fitness training; Roller & Ice skating; Rock climbing; Italy (History, Art & Language)



Typing Speeds:                                Word Processor/Computer:                   approx. 60 wpm

Operating Systems:                          MS Windows 2000 Active Directory Design; MS Windows 2000 Professional, MS Windows 2000 Server, MS Windows 2000 Advanced Server (inc Clustering & Terminal Server); Citrix MetaFrame XPe

                                                         MS DOS; MS Windows 3.1; MS Windows For Workgroups 3.11; MS Windows 95; MS Windows 98; MS Windows NT 3.51 Workstation; MS Windows NT 3.51 Server; MS Windows NT 4.0 Server; MS Windows NT 4.0 Workstation; MS Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Server (inc Clustering); O/S2 (v2); Citrix WinFrame 1.7, MS Terminal Server 4.0, Citrix MetaFrame 1.8 & 1.8a (FR1)

Other Citrix Apps:                             Nfuse 1.5; Installation Management Services; Resource Management Services; Load Balancing; SecureICA

Office Packages:                              MS Office 2000, 97 & 95;MS Office Professional (4.3); Corel WordPerfect Suite; Lotus SmartSuite (v3.1, v4 & 96)

Other Word Processors:                    WordPerfect for DOS; Word for DOS; LocoScript (all versions); Word for Windows 2.0; MS Word (Mac); MS Works; DisplayWrite 4; MultiMate 4

Other Spreadsheets:                         Lotus 1-2-3 (DOS); Lotus 1-2-3 for Windows (v4/5.1); Supercalc

Other Presentation Packages:          MS PowerPoint; WordPerfect Presentations; Lotus Freelance Graphics (v2)

Databases:                                        MS Access; Lotus Approach; Paradox; MS Works (A); DBASE IV (I); FoxPro (Mac); LocoFile/Mail; Lotus Notes v3 (admin. & development); various specialist dbases

Graphics & DTP Packages:               Fractal Painter 4; Aldus Pagemaker; Ventura; Corel Draw; Harvard Graphics; Quark Xpress (Mac); MS Publisher; PerForm Pro; ABC Flowcharter

Mail Packages:                                 MS Exchange Server 4.0/5.0/5.5 (Std & Enterprise); MS Mail; e:mail; ccMail (inc. v2.21); Groupwise; Lotus Notes (v3 & v4)

Accounts Packages:                         Chameleon 2000 & 17; CS/3; Tetra 2000; TetraPlan; Legend; Pegasus; Sage

Other Programs:                               Crystal Reports v5.0 Professional (& v4.5); Talking Windows; JSB; Reflections; Netscape Navigator (v 2 & 3); MS Project v4.0; PMW (Project Manager Workbench); Lotus Organiser; MS Schedule +

Help Desk Programs:                        Support Magic

Utility Programs:                               Norton Utilities; Norton Commander; DOS/Menu Director; X-Tree; Various virus checking software

Programming Languages:                BASIC; PASCAL; Turbo PASCAL; C; C++

Networking Skills:                            Novell Administration (3.1x, 4.1x, 5.0), installation & trouble-shooting (Ethernet, Token Ring, Fibre-Channel); printer configuration & installation; LANanlyzer; NSEPro; NetWire; ManageWise; HP JetAdmin; NP Admin; TCP/IP (MS & Novell); ArcServe (v 5 & 6); MS Windows NT3.51, NT4.0, 2000

Internet Skills:                                  MS IIS 3.0, MS Index Server; MS Proxy Server; MS MPR; Novell FTP Server, Novell IP/IPX Gateway; Novell Web Server

Network Management Skills:            MS SMS 1.2, Novell ManageWise; Integration of IntranetWare and NT, Compaq Insight Manager & RIBs

Hardware:                                        Various makes of PC, inc. IBM, Gateway 2000, Dell, Toshiba, Compaq Desktops & Servers, Racks, Storage Solutions and Enterprise Backup Systems, etc; various printers inc. HP LaserJets; HP JetDirect cards, Castelle & Intel NetPort network printer controllers, various servers, hubs (inc. Synoptics & Bay Networks), routers & repeaters

Supervisory Skills:                            Shift Rota Compilation; Project/Call Assignment; Call Escalation & Follow-Up; Skills Assessment; Assessment Of Training Requirements; Training Schedule Compilation; Allocation Of Training Courses; Management Reports (Call Statistics); Project Management of various implementations

Other Skills:                                      Project Management (Pride 3 trained) Software Help Desk experience; General Hardware Repair Diploma; Accounts work to Extended Trial Balance, Balance Sheets & Final Accounts (manual or computerised) and credit control work



Employment History


Centrix, Newbury, Berks                        From Jan 2001 to date


Working as a Consultant out of the Newbury office. Specialising in Citrix SBC products and Windows 2000 Active Directory Design and Implementation. Also Project Managed various projects, liasing with the customer and other consultants.


Responsible for not only the design and implementation of a project but its documentation and follow up work. Projects involved the installation of a MetaFrame solution introducing a pilot of Windows 2000 Active Directory for one of the subsidiary companies being spun off from Rover. Also developed a Citrix MetaFrame and NFuse solution for a distribution company for access to their logistics databases. Currently working on an 85,000 SBC design and deployment for a major bank, also a local government project and totally re-organising the way support is provided by the organisation, including designing a support area of the new company website



Computacenter,Gatwick, Surrey                       From April 99 to Jan 2001


Working as a Senior Consultant out of the Gatwick branch. Specialising in MS Terminal Server with MetaFrame and related products, Also in MS Clustering and Windows 2000. Have worked on many different projects, both in very small teams (as team leader) and as a part of a much larger team.


One major project for a car leasing company involved the detailed design of a call centre infra-structure consisting of 21 servers of varying types. I undertook not only the documentation, the design and the implementation work but also project managed the installation and testing of the servers. Another major project involve the design of a Citrix server farm for a subsidiary of one of the ex-Building Societies. This was designed to farm out all user applications to their branches across small WAN links and to reduce support requirements.



Visual One plc, Twickenham, Middx                  From June 98 to April 99


Working as Senior Technical Consultant in the Customer Services department. Responsible for planning and implementing projects for customers, dealing with Windows NT, Citrix WinFrame and Novell NetWare OS as well as applications such as MS Exchange Server, MS Proxy Server, MS Office 97 Professional. Also investigating the compatibility of various applications software with Citrix WinFrame and MS Terminal Server. Project work also involved working with 3com, Cisco and Bay Networks routers, establishing WAN connections for use with Citrix ICA clients as well as dial-up connections and RAS.


Also troubleshooting systems both internally and on behalf of customers on a wide range of software. Site assessment and pre-sales discussions and audit were also part of the work. Also involved in the design and implementation of new pre-sales procedures and specification forms to provide better, faster service to the customer. Involved in training junior engineers in Microsoft and Novell products as well as assessing their capabilities and recommending further, more specific training.



Resolution Systems Ltd, Croydon, Surrey          From May 97 to May 98


Working as a Senior Implementation Engineer in the Technical department. Solving and documenting a variety of technical problems both internally and externally relating to Windows NT servers, Exchange servers, IIS & Proxy servers, SMS servers and other systems. Also responsible for the technical specifications & design of new systems or system upgrades for clients. Project management, installation, testing, support and documentation of new and existing systems.


Also dealing with the assessment and co-ordination of training for junior staff to improve all round capabilities and profitability. Some delivery of training directly to junior staff as well as set-up and maintenance of a campus-based CBT training and assessment system.



Tech Connect Ltd, Kingston, Surrey                  From Jan 97 to April 97


Working as a Technical Consultant and Trainer in the Technical department. Training students on various courses including CNE3 & CNE4, MS TCP/IP, and MS NT4 Server & Workstation; both during the week and at weekends; reviewing and writing course notes; telephone technical support; on-site installation and other related work.




Libra Computer Consultancy Limited              From Oct 95 to Jan 97


Dec 96 to Jan 97 - 1 month contract with Capital and Counties Plc near Victoria, London working as a Technical Consultant in their IT department. Supporting Lotus SmartSuite & MS Office on a NetWare 4.1 network using Compaq rack servers, Synoptics Hubs and Cisco routers. Also supporting eight external networks linked via kilostream lines & routers. A wide variety of operating systems including Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT.


Oct 96 to Nov 96 - 1 month contract with Candric Ltd working at Proctor & Gamble in Weybridge as a Support Technician in their MSD department. Answering queries from users directly on the HelpDesk and visiting users at their desks for more in-depth problem investigation. Also involved in PC and Laptop configuration and some NetWare Admin.


May 96 to Aug 96 - 3 month contract with P&P at BAT in Woking; working as a Help Desk Specialist in their MSD Department. Answering queries from users, network admin., file conversions, etc. Using Novell 3.11, Windows 3.1 (customised version), various makes of PC, mainly HP Laser printers, Lotus Notes v3. Also involved in supporting users on the AS400 system and with server and AS400 backups and restores.


April 96 to May 96 - 2 month contract with Octel in Fleet, working as a Help Desk Specialist in their IS Department. Working with the Help Desk to handle in-house queries. Dealing with Novell v3.12, Windows 3.11, ccMail and Microsoft Office Professional amongst other software. During the contract period Octel moved from Windows 3.11 to Windows 95, MS Office 4.3 to MS Office 95 Professional and from Novell 3.12 to Novell 4.1. Some exposure to Lotus Notes.


Jan 96 to March 96 - 3 month contract with Kingston & Richmond HA in Surbiton, working as a PC Support Analyst in their IT Department. Dealing with a variety of software including Novell (v3.11 & v4.0) administration, Windows 95 testing and supporting MS Office, Internet access and other software. Also responsible for writing a set of Word & Excel training manuals as well as devising and running an in-house Word & Excel training program.


Oct 95 to Nov 95 - five week contract with Syntegra in Fleet, working as a Support Engineer on their Technical Helpdesk. Dealing with a variety of software including Novell administration, DOS and Windows, MS Office and other software.



Tetra Ltd., Maidenhead, Berks  From Sept 94 to Sept 95 - Reference: Craig McDowall


Working as a Customer Support Technician in the Development department, Finance & Payroll section. This involves dealing with queries on the finance and payroll modules of Tetra’s various products from the main Tetra Dealers/Resellers. These may be by fax or telephone and involve identifying the problem and involve recognising or devising solutions, in-depth data investigations and fault identification and testing.


My main responsibilities were dealing with the logs when they first came in, giving the solutions if they were straight forward; detailed investigations of data either in-house or via a modem to the customer's site; finding/demonstrating faults in the software; writing test plans/testing fixes; training/helping other members of staff with respect to the finance and payroll modules and writing or technically vetting documentation and manuals.



WordPerfect UK, Weybridge, Surrey From June 94 to Sept 94


Working as a Support Consultant on their Technical Support Help Line at their Head Office. This involved answering the customer's queries mainly by telephone but also but fax or letter; dealing directly with the public on behalf of WordPerfect UK prior to its merger with Novell.



Libra Computer Consultancy & Services (self-employed)        From April 91 to Sept 95


I have been running a small computer consultancy to provide a service to local small businesses enabling them to purchase the correct hardware and software for their requirements and to offer them installation, training and backup as necessary. The company offers training in the use of a range of popular PC software including Word for Windows, AmiPro, WordPerfect (for DOS or Windows), and Excel. Training is also offered in the use of LocoScript and associated programs for the PC or PCW. Consultancy is also offered on a range of software, including the design of datafiles and mailmerge programs.


The company has been subcontracting to a number of training organisations as well as hardware dealers, providing training as their representative, in a classroom style environment or in their client's offices. As well as these services, the company offers WP, DTP and computerised accounting and payroll services direct to the customer who does not wish to purchase a computer at present. I have also written a number of articles for PCW User about LocoScript, and associated programs.




Locomotive Software, Dorking, Surrey  From Feb 89 to March 91 - Reference: Linda Haynes


I was a Technical Support Specialist on LocoScript PC, LocoScript 2 and associated products. This involved answering customer queries by letter, fax and on the Helpline. I dealt with general problems with installation, templates and document layout. I specialised in printer problems, database & mailmerge problems, network installation and the use of LocoScript PC and LocoLink (transfer system between PCW & PC).


Also demonstrating the software on the company stand at computer shows and giving presentations to User Groups as required. Also involved in presenting dealer training courses with respect to the database and mailmerge facilities of LocoScript PC. Also doing in-house training of members of the Technical Support department and the sales staff.



Temping for various agencies inc. Reed Employment, The Personnel Dept & Squires     From July 87 to Feb 89.


Working as a computer operator; a WP operator; an accounts clerk; a credit controller and as a QC laboratory technician. The lab work was on various food flavouring products and included a large variety of chemical tests to determine the quality of the factory product as well as assessment of the quality of raw materials arriving for use in the factory.



ICI Speciality Chemicals, Leatherhead, Surrey  From Oct 84 to June 87


Working as a Laboratory Technician providing Technical Support, mainly on paper coating silicones. This involved physical experiments to determine the release properties of the products, but also some chemical work to determine if the products conform to specification; preparation of reports so that recommendations could be made to customers; also some development work. Some direct customer contact made whilst giving demonstrations of new products and formulae.



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