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Pocket Dragon Adventures is an animated series aimed at 6-12 year old boys and girls that tells non-violent adventure stories about a group of pocket-sized dragons who live in a Wizard's castle and in a world populated by a wide variety of dragons, magicians, elves, gargoyles, and other strange but fun characters who fill the stories. The show is designed for kids who are a little too old for Barney but who aren't ready for or don't want the blow-'em-up action of The X-Men and similar shows.


The series is based on the artwork of Texas-based artist Real Musgrave, who has been drawing, painting, and sculpting the Pocket Dragons for over twenty years. For almost a decade, the characters have also existed as a series of collectible ceramics, popular throughout Europe and Japan, with the United States just discovering them. (But don't misunderstand; the series isn't a "toy show". It isn't a half-hour commercial for a toy company's latest line of action figures. The ceramics are collected by adults and sometimes given to children because of how adorable they are.)


The artists took the characters Real Musgrave created and, working with him, expanded them, given them characters, voices, and personalities, and developed the world in which they live, make mischief, and have adventures. The Pocket Dragons are a family of friends who care for and about each other and are learning about their magical world.


Real was deeply involved in all phases of this animated series. He did the key art and all principal design work, including all of the main characters, "guest stars", major props, etc. He's been working with the animators to make sure all of the designs stay true to his vision. He's also been involved with all of the stories, getting the original story ideas for his (and Muff's) comments as well as every draft of each script. Without question, Pocket Dragon Adventures will be true to the characters and world that Real created in his artwork.


The series is a co-production between Wolfmill Entertainment, and the two production companies, the U.S.-based Bohbot Entertainment (also the show's distributor) and D'Ocon Film Productions of Barcelona, Spain. In addition to investing, D'Ocon is creating the animation for the series. Further internationalizing the production, all of the voices were recorded in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

Bohbot and D'Ocon had such faith in the series that they went straight into production without a toy deal or other licensing. D'Ocon produced a three minute reel of scenes which was shown in Cannes, France at MIPCOM in the Fall of 1996. From that, virtually the entire world was sold on the series. The freedom of not having a toy company or other major licensee demanding that certain characters appear in every episode, that there be more vehicles or fewer female characters (e.g. female action figures don't sell as well, etc.) allowed Wolfmill to create, write, and produce the kind of series we wanted, with strong, enjoyable stories and real characters our primary goal rather than the needs of product sales.


Starting in October of 1998, the show will run in the United States on the BKN Television Network, Bohbot's own distribution network of affiliates, covering over 85% of the U.S. including all major markets. In Canada, the series will air on YTV. For England and the United Kingdom, the series will debut on Disney Channel UK and then run on the BBC. Networks in all of Western and Eastern Europe are scheduled to air Pocket Dragon Adventures starting in March of 1999, as is most of Asia (including China), Africa, North and South America, and Australia.


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