The Whimsical World of

Pocket Dragons & Friends



The Pocket Dragon Adventures Theme Tune


Pocket Dragons, Pocket Dragons, Pocket Dragons

they're brave as they can be

They're small but what you get

isn't always what you see

Something new 'round every corner,

action packed with mystery

Pocket Dragon Adventures


There's Cuddles and there's Binky

Filbert always thinks he's right

Scribbles loves inventing

But her gadgets are a fright

Zoom Zoom tries to fly

But he never gets too far, and

Specs has got another plan

To raid the cookie jar


Pocket Dragons, they surely will amuse

They'll stand up to a knight

but barely see above his shoes

They'll build a new contraption

you would never think to use

Oh No! Look Out! Kazootles!!!

It must have blown a fuse


There's always an adventure

Waiting to be found

But they don't always see it coming

'Cause they're so close to the ground

Still they'll rise to the occasion

Headed straight for victory

And they won't stop at anything

Unless they pass a bakery


Pocket Dragons, get ready, here they come

So many ways to save the day, they can't decide which one!

Though their magic doesn't always work, it's always just as fun

Pocket Dragon Adventures!


Music and Lyrics by Sandy Howell (ASCAP)

and Matt McGuire (ASCAP)





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