The Whimsical World of

Pocket Dragons & Friends


Runes - The Secrets of the Pocket Dragons



Even the most wonderous of creatures can sometimes use a little extra enchantment - which is why Real Musgrave often decorates borders and trims with messages or words written in an early Germanic futhorc, or the Runic Alphabet.

Everyone loves a secret message, but they are even more fun if you can translate.


The Pocket Dragon Box Border

Of course, one of the easiest to translate is the border of the pocket dragon box. Real has decorated the box with “The Whimsical World of Pocket Dragons By Real Musgrave”


Scales of Injustice

The book in the Pocket Dragon's hand is called “The Chocolate Chip Cookie Diet Book”  No wonder the poor little guy looks so sad!!


Reading The Good Parts

The title of the book that the dragons are reading is called “Stories for BIG Dragons”


Good News

On the front of the Pocket Dragon Gazette is the title of the piece – “Good News” (lower right

corner of the front page).  Inside the Gazette, the left page's headlines read “Real and Muff  while the right side sports the Letters Section. Articles  on the back of the Gazette are About Us, Write; and Call.


A Book My Size

Wondering what the little guy is reading? The book begins with “Land Of Legend”


Party Time

What's the name of the book that everyone is standing on? Why it's “1001 Party Jokes and Recipes” of course.


The Volunteer

Look closely at the Wizard's Instruction Book. Wonder what it says on the inside? Why “Cut on the dotted line”  Would you expect something else?


The Teacher

This tiny pupil has been fortunate to find a very wise teacher. Together they read and learn one of life's most important lessons. And what is written inside the book?  “Be kinder than necessary” Words to live by.



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