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What Does RM Stand For?



Most Pocket Dragon collectors have at some point seen an RM Cookie.  For those of you that haven't, an RM Cookie looks similar to an OREOŇ cookie except that it has the RM symbol on it instead of the normal OREOŇ symbol.  Oh, and if you ask a Pocket Dragon, they will tell you that an RM Cookie tastes better! Now that you have a mental image of an RM Cookie (or maybe you're looking at one), have you ever wondered what RM stands for?  Well, I did!  It made perfect sense to me that the RM simply stood for Real Musgrave.  Oh well, I was wrong!  During a recent talk given by Real, I found out the true story behind the RM symbol. Real said that many times while he was working on a dragon or trying to come up with a good idea for a new dragon, his wife, Muff, would help out with some ideas.  He would put the RM symbol on it to show it was his and Muff's idea. Thus the RM actually means Real and Muff.  Since Flower was also such a big help in bringing a Pocket Dragon to life, the flower was added to the RM symbol as shown above.  So the next time you see the RM symbol or an RM Cookie remember the family that helped bring the Pocket Dragons to life: Real, Muff, and Flower!



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